The Sharon Spell Show
Episode 97: Rick Younger

You are allowed ONE BAG for this episode and we expect you to stick to it.  Rick Younger (Low Budget Morning Show, Inside Information) is the guest this time, and that one bag max leads to discussion of space in the city.  Rick and Sharon then compare histories with the "fried chicken spiral" before Sharon admits she almost had Popeye's stolen from her.  From here, Rick tells the ins and outs of a slow jam love tape AND how he met his wife at summer stock.  And why are there only white actors on the screener DVDs?

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Episode 96: Mark Pagán

Does Sharon's accent ever come out at times?  That's the first question that Mark Pagán (Peach Fuzzy) poses to our host during this half hour together. The two then talk of drinking coffee too late at night and using gift cards for alternate purposes. The reasons why you are known at the grocery store is next, before Mark tells of his experience with Mormons in South America. Plus, this episode as a MYSTERY GUEST at the front door!  Ding dong!

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Episode 95: Jeff Hiller

You ever get a weather boner?  Jeff Hiller (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) has.  He's in the guest star chair this time, and he and Sharon have quite a few Brene Brown moments together.  They also cover not remembering names of people you've met, before painting the picture of Kathleen Chalfant sailing through Times Square on a Segue.  The two then wrap up by discussing how we coast on the good things that happen to us, but that we need to be happy with what we create.

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Episode 94: Brooke Arnold

When you're from the South, why is everyone's first question if you're a racist?  That's one of the topics that Sharon tackles with Brooke Arnold (Brooke: The Webseries), who occupies the guest star chair this time.  The presence of sociopaths in comedy and academia is also sussed out.  The two then discuss how we are getting dumber from having smart phones, the concept of the platonic romance, and learning how to hug people.  And Sharon wraps things up by secreting The Secret for Brooke.

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Episode 93: Nelson Lugo

Nelson Lugo (Gathering the Magic) is in the guest star chair this time, and he wants you to know he's a magician that hates card tricks.  He and Sharon discuss the phenomenon of diminishing house returns, which makes it hard for him to call himself an artist (he prefers craftsman).  The two then discuss Nelson's time as a substitute ringmaster for the Big Apple Circus and his time working in "Document-ment".  But, you know, happiness is moving forward...

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Episode 92: Amey Goerlich

Amey Goerich (Indie Cage Match, The Girl in the Show) is having a private moment, but I think...yes!  I think she's ready now.  And it is worth it, if only for the epic tale of when Amey moved to NYC and her event-filled first five months here...and the artists she's had a chance to work with.  Apart from this, Amey and Sharon discuss that time that Sharon played Vince Neil's Aunt Nelly and how, really, acting is just a series of not getting killed situations.

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Episode 91:  Selena Coppock

Selena Coppock (The New Rules for Blondes) is in the guest star chair this time around with a few pageant pro-tips to share with Sharon. AH, but then Sharon counters with the revelation that she was once a debutante!  The two then discuss their respective allergies to mystery metals and the dangers of going down the self-doubt k-hole.  For a wrap up, Selena tells of her time as a Sex and the City bus tour guide as a way to segue into the fact that it's okay to do nothing every once in a while.

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Episode 90: Mehran Khaghani

Don't know about you, but we've been hit with so many dicks tonight!  The same has befallen Mehran Khaghani (Last Comic Standing, IFC Comedy Drop) who takes the guest star chair this time.  Mehran discusses coming out to his Iranian parents and how you have to fight to be heard in life.  He and Sharon then cover the importance of viewing a relationship as building a life together.  Then they segue to how toenails can be like Ginsu knives and the plus side of "touching the pickle".

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Episode 89: David Lawson

David Lawson (The Astoria Bookshop Storytelling Show, The Double) is in the guest star chair this week.  He and Sharon start this visit out by discussing ranters that show up at open mics.  David then explores his time in therapy as a kid, before discussing that you indeed CAN bomb at a storytelling show.  What would Elvis say at The Moth?  They muse upon just that subject.  And then there was that time that David made a fake report card for a classmate that he didn't like.  

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Episode 88: Desmond Thorne

Sharon and guest star Desmond Thorne (Roaring 20s) are basically neighbors, but they rarely run into one another.  That doesn't stop them from making plans to get together and make desserts, however.  OR discussing that the MTA is the common enemy after all.  During this half hour, they also talk about how improv skills are really theatre skills, and how we strive to balance all parts of our creativity.  You have to go away so you can come back, you know.

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