The Sharon Spell Show
Episode 124: Emily Flake

Did you know that people who chew gum are smarter?  Did you know there is such a thing as poo poo cookies?  Truth!  At least, according to New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake (Sh*tshow), who is Sharon's guest this time.  Emily discusses the fun of getting her daughter ready for school while still wrangling work schedules.  The two then wonder if Adderall meths out your mouth, before slipping gently into Emily's work creating the daily New Yorker cartoons, versus writing celebrity dirt items for other people.  The highbrow and the lowbrow...the ying and the yang...

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Episode 123: Alex English

Spending holidays in NYC is still on our minds as Sharon welcomes Alex English (Lady Parts Justice) to the guest star chair this time.  From holidays, it's a quick slip to musing on how presumptuous a New Year's wedding is.  Relationships then take center stage as the two discuss comparing yourself to other relationships, realizing they take patience, but still wanting to worry about someone else.  (But we didn't move to NYC to have a life, did we?  Just a career!)  Alex then speaks on the hypersexuality of dating apps...and that time a Grindr connection showed up at one of his shows.

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Episode 122: Alex Song

It just so happens to be guest star Alex Song's first day on the writing staff for The Tonight Show, so we're so glad she stopped by to chat with Sharon.  The two discuss socks found on the street, and how Alex performed her own magic shows as a three year-old.  Experiences in high school drama club and debate team follow.  As do the benefits of being in the band.  But then again, how do you know when to quit?

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Episode 121: H. Alan Scott

The lovely H. Alan Scott (Out on the Lanai, Talking Crime) is in the guest star chair for this first episode of the new year, talking first about absolutely wanting to adopt a child.  He and Sharon then launch into the new show theme.  Dick GIFs are discussed at length, as is H. Alan's conversion to Judaism.  There's a quick stop by Hattiesburg's one gay bar, and then we all go experience some Korean spa visit shade AND emaciated butts.  (These may be related.)

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Episode 120: Jordana Jason

It's our first recording date after the election that shall not be named, and Sharon's discussing recovery tactics with Jordana Jason (Pizza Time, Dead Ass).  Said recovery starts with the self...with being greener in hair product choices.  The two also discuss recovering from Facebook, and Jordana's time growing up in New York.  Her work in sketch and webseries is bandied about as well.  And lastly...should I dye my hair?

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Episode 119: Shane O'Neill

The beguiling Shane O'Neill (Tonight's Special, S.U.C.K.), aka Shane Shane, is in the guest star chair this time, and immediately confesses to being a maximalist decorator.  He and Sharon then discuss caftans and how they are rapidly becoming unisex.  From there, it's an easy transition into comparing early versus late episodes of "The Golden Girls".  And from there, it's an even easier transition into how Shane discovered Jean Bice and her Quacker Factory.  The two then wrap up be deciding they both want the luxury of their own studio space in NYC.

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Episode 118: Lauren Besser

Sure, it's been a very negative year, but at the same time, Sharon's been investigating hats!  So not all is bad as we welcome Lauren Besser (Real Housewives of Bohemia) to the guest star chair this time.  Lauren tells Sharon about her experience with caricature forehead shaming, and the two discuss how they love to walk the city at night.  Lauren jumps back in next with her intense experience working in politics.  And the two wind up with agreeing that they love NYC and we should all work better at comforting each other.

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Episode 117: Filip Jeremic

Filip Jeremic (Sad Marriage, Characters Welcome) is in the guest star chair this time around, and he begins with his experience with management company complaints.  Then it's a quick trip through happening across your Ex on Linkedin, before Filip shares the secret to his meat sauce recipe.  Vintage fur and the man cape, and how neither of these go with a lousy personality, are discussed in detail next, before we come down with a let down Filip experienced at a bad production of Hamlet.

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Episode 116: Robert Dean

Come with us as Sharon welcomes Robert Dean, soon to open the ONLY Robert Dean Museum in existence, to the guest star chair.  They begin by asking, simply, "what would Vanna White do?"  Then they discuss the Tony Robbins juggernaut, and how to baa with authority.  Robert follows with a tale of going to Medieval Times by himself.  They pair then discuss Robert's totally legal basement apartment, and his psychic reading experiences.

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Episode 115: Maritza Montanez

The lovely Maritza Montanez (The Nightmare, Dying to Laugh) is in the ol' guest star chair this time, and she starts the conversation with Sharon by reliving her experience teching, and then hosting, Kaleidoscope. The two then discuss when you know you've found the work that gives you that fire in the belly.  Time without structure and sketch writing classes are then covered, in that order.  And lastly, there are those mission-driven day jobs that Maritza keeps finding herself in...

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