The Sharon Spell Show
Episode 107: Lori Baird

The lovely Lori Baird (Talk Therapy) is in the guest star chair this time, and she leads off by telling Sharon what happens every time she starts writing something.  The two then make up a new and interesting origin story for their friendship.  Lori discusses getting her start in storytelling, before a clever plug for a storytelling double-bill she's sharing with Sharon (hint-hint).  And they wrap up by acknowledging it's okay not to like your family very much.

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Episode 106: Clark Jones

Just how do you make money in comedy?  That's a good question and one that Sharon answers this time with Clark Jones in the guest star chair.  The two also cover Clark's time as a teaching artist in NYC.  Not to be outdone, Sharon gives her recipe for Avocado Chip-Chop, and discusses her history trying to "do weed".  They then wrap things up comparing pre-show routines and coming to a very thankful place overall.

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Episode 105: Desiree Burch

Come.  Join us inside the gated community as Sharon welcomes Desiree Burch (Welcome to Night Vale, Tar Baby) to the guest star chair, and we all stretch out to enjoy all the dusty, unused space therein.  This leads Sharon and Desiree to discuss the pluses of downsizing your stuff.  The two then mull over whether NYC has gotten worse recently, and relive that time that Sharon's date brought a date with him.  And Sharon wraps up by grilling Desiree on the glamourous ways she spends spare time in London.

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Episode 104: Trish Nelson

We're making it work for us this time as Sharon welcomes Trish Nelson, founder of Banter Girl, to the guest star chair.  Trish discusses her experience in founding her launch pad production company, the great people she's met, and the connections yet to be made.  The two then find common ground vis-a-vis late night ordering from eBay and binge watching in the background.  The societal entitlement shift as viewed in service jobs is then tackled, with focus given to how Millennials love to make people cry in restaurants.

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Episode 103: Susan Kent

The lovely Susan Kent (Tell It Brooklyn, Dead Parent Club) is in the guest star chair this time 'round, and she and Sharon start by thinking of quarantine as just a staycation.  The two then compare their respective moves to NYC and how you never really know what the people you interact with are going through at that moment.  They also mull over the possibility of bringing back the custom of wearing signs of mourning, before Sharon wraps things up with a demonstration of how to cry without ruining your makeup.

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Episode 102: Ménage à Trois Radio

Do you steal cigarettes?  Eat them?  Casually smoke?  If so, you'll find empathy at the start of this latest episode that welcomes the duo from Ménage à Trois Radio (Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer) to the guest star chair.  They and Sharon also chat about crazy teeth in tattoos, audience reaction to screening big-budget erotic films at live events, AND Secret Santa Sweaters.  And maybe you'd like to shape your "stuff down there"?  Pro tip: don't opt for an electrolysis Groupon, k?

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Episode 101: Brandon Scott Wolf

As we begin a new century of shows, we find Brandon Scott Wolf (Sad Marriage, Empty Plates of NY) in the guest star chair.  Brandon shares an involved story revolving around the time he and some cops shot some video on a Harlem rooftop.  Also contained within, Sharon FINALLY explains the format of the show...and Brandon explains his tendency to make up weird songs.  And did you know, he once dropped out of Improv 101?  Had a good reason, though...

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Episode 100: Michelle Buteau

You made it!  The big 1-0-0-t-h episode.  And our very special guest is Michelle Buteau (Enlisted, Key & Peele) who is experiencing a kind of digital FOMO/iPhone envy.  It passes quickly, though.  She and Sharon discuss where the flavor is...and fainting...and Michelle's tendency to wear blazers too often.  The pitfalls of Tinder in Ireland are explored, before Sharon finished up with the tale of the time she painted her neighbor's portrait.  #lavender

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Episode 99: Kate Moran

The lovely Kate Moran (Sad Girl Life Hacks, Are You Afraid of the 90s?) is in the guest star chair this time, and she's just started eating meat again.  It's great, btw.  Kate and Sharon discuss the folly of learning goals from Disney, and what happens when you don't put the effort into your headshots.  Kate also tells of how she basically eats like a frat boy, and what she's doing with all those cases of Push Pops, before finishing up realizing she has penis envy.  (A lot of meat in this episode, no?)

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Episode 98: Damian Bellino

Mercury was in retrograde when we recorded this episode, and guest star Damian Bellino (So Into It) totally doesn't believe that astrology thing...but totally does.  He also believe in ghosts...and often sees his past ghosts on Ninth Avenue.  The marriage thing and the kid thing are then discussed, and how they can weigh on you.  Damian and Sharon then make plans for Sharon's "vag tumblr" AND to take a bath in a New York tub.

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