The Sharon Spell Show
Episode 115: Maritza Montanez

The lovely Maritza Montanez (The Nightmare, Dying to Laugh) is in the ol' guest star chair this time, and she starts the conversation with Sharon by reliving her experience teching, and then hosting, Kaleidoscope. The two then discuss when you know you've found the work that gives you that fire in the belly.  Time without structure and sketch writing classes are then covered, in that order.  And lastly, there are those mission-driven day jobs that Maritza keeps finding herself in...

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Episode 114: Chris Lamberth

Well, there you are, and here Sharon is with this episode's guest, Chris Lamberth (The Mundane Festival).  The two start off trading tips about driving in NYC, before moving on to discuss what happens when you bomb on stage.  (Sharon once bombed as her hair.)  Answer: you end up doing The Substitute Teacher Show.  Then it's a reminder that you need only compete with yourself, and that you must...every once in a while...take an account of what you DO have.

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Episode 113: Gabriel Pacheco

Oh, hey!  Didn't see you there.  Um, so Gabriel Pacheco (Funhouse Comedy) is guest on this TSSS.  He and Sharon first discuss, with dread, small-talk run-ins...and how you need to make your own privacy.  Plans for respective new comedy albums are then compared, and Gabriel talks about how easy it is to misinterpret the "sad clown" in stand-ups.  They then wrap up by discussing how Sharon is stepping away from online dating for a bit - too many dates feeling like interviews.  ON TIME IS LATE!

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Episode 112: Anna Roisman

Anna Roisman (SortaKosher, Losers Lounge) is in the ol' guest star chair this time, leading with tales of her dog, Bobby Flay.  She and Sharon then discuss rewriting old scripts and succumbing to friendship YOLO (not necessarily in that order).  Having siblings as backup dancers and striving for a "no blue M&Ms" rider are covered.  The two then explore their bicoastality before discussing how we get stuck and then how we get unstuck!

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Episode 111: Lauren Conlin Adams

Lauren Conlin Adams (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Female Gaze) is courteously welcomed to the guest star chair before she has to head to Santa Barbara to drink wine.  She and Sharon discuss life as a flow and balance of energy and decide that they are both definitely NOT baby-hungry.  The topics of Lyft in LA and set birthday cake are then celebrated.  Although, note taken, Lauren does NOT like jiggly desserts.  And they wrap up with discovering what you can do to counteract NYC making you a harder person.

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Episode 110: Julie Threlkeld

The episode description refers to itself in the third person as Sharon welcomes Julie Threlkeld ( to the guest star chair.  Modern Stories Mix is the podcast that Julie hosts, and she describes how she likes it to focus on one story from one person.  Julie then tells of how she got started in storytelling as a way to get over social anxiety AND her heady experience shopping for a fashionable cane.  The two then sample some chicken hot dogs and assume that people are laughing.

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Episode 109: Pushy Muldowney

Don't know about you, but we're jittery from the heat as Sharon welcomes Pushy Muldowney (Sketch Pod, Brooklyn Loft Party) to the guest star chair.  The two lead with an extended reverie about breaking into Jennifer Aniston's closet.  Then Pushy tells of her (fairly) recent move to NYC, and the streamlining that results.  Sharon takes a sec to explain the rules of the Sharon Spell Show Drinking Game, before Pushy wraps up with tales of her PhD track experience AND her time as a background inmate on OITNB!

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Episode 108: TJ Mannix

Top o' the podcast to ya!  Sharon welcomes TJ Mannix (Limbo Land) to the guest star chair this time and they lead off with TJ's embracing his Irish stereotypes.  Then they talk about scientologist sightings and how TJ lost 55 pounds - mostly by eating M&Ms slowly.  TJ also talks about his work in improvised musical comedy, including the founding of the NY Musical Improv Festival, before he wows us all with the story of his date with Rue McClanahan.

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Episode 107: Lori Baird

The lovely Lori Baird (Talk Therapy) is in the guest star chair this time, and she leads off by telling Sharon what happens every time she starts writing something.  The two then make up a new and interesting origin story for their friendship.  Lori discusses getting her start in storytelling, before a clever plug for a storytelling double-bill she's sharing with Sharon (hint-hint).  And they wrap up by acknowledging it's okay not to like your family very much.

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Episode 106: Clark Jones

Just how do you make money in comedy?  That's a good question and one that Sharon answers this time with Clark Jones in the guest star chair.  The two also cover Clark's time as a teaching artist in NYC.  Not to be outdone, Sharon gives her recipe for Avocado Chip-Chop, and discusses her history trying to "do weed".  They then wrap things up comparing pre-show routines and coming to a very thankful place overall.

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